Find Your Ring Size


How Do I Find the Right Ring Size


There is nothing worse than buying a ring that is too tight or too loose and may slide off and get lost. Therefore, it is important to know your ring size before buying a ring.

In the following you will find a few simple methods to determine ring sizes.

You might also find these tips helpful if you want to surprise your partner with an engagement ring.




Measuring Finger Circumference


A simple way to determine your ring size is to measure the circumference of your finger with the help of a strip of paper. Cut a strip of paper measuring 10 cm by 5 mm. Wrap the strip tautly around your finger, but leave enough room to still be able to slightly rotate your finger. Make sure the paper strip has enough room to slide over the knuckle, since for some people the knuckle can be wider than the base of the finger. Cut the paper strip where the ends meet and measure its length with the help of a ruler. For example, if the paper strip is 60 mm long, you would choose ring size 60.

Instead of a strip of paper you may also use a string.





Determining Diameter


If you already own a well-fitting ring (ideally one of the same shape), try using a knife to determine your size. Slide the ring over the knife until it firmly sits on its edge – the knife tapers out towards the bottom, so the ring will get stuck at some level. Now measure the the knife at the point on which the ring got stuck to obtain the diameter. Multiply by 3.14 to receive the inner circumference of the ring in mm.

If you don’t have a knife handy, you can also use a rolled-up piece of paper to measure the inner circumference.




Ring Size Calipers or Mandrels


If the above described measuring methods seem too vague to you, you may choose to visit your local jeweler for assistance. He can determine your ring size with the help of various ring measuring tools like calipers, gauges, mandrels, or templates. (Print-out ring templates can also be found online.)


Tip: If you have decided on a broad ring style, consider going up one size than you would for a narrow ring.




Ring Sizes Vary


Please note that the size of your fingers often varies from left hand to right hand, so be sure to measure the ring size for the hand on which you plan to wear the ring. Often the fingers of the working hand are a little bigger than those of the other hand. Even factors like weather can change your ring size – fingers are generally a bit slimmer in the winter than in the summer, when heat may cause your fingers to swell a little. But not only the seasons can have an effect on the circumference of your fingers – playing certain sports may temporarily alter their size. Therefore, it is advisable to measure your ring size twice, on two separate days.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Ring Size
Circumference in mm
Diameter of Ring in mm
44 44 14,01
45 45 14,33
46 46 14,65
47 47 14,97
48 48 15,29
49 49 15,61
50 50 15,92
51 51 16,24
52 52 16,56
53 53 16,88
54 54 17,2
55 55 17,52
56 56 17,83
57 57 18,15
58 58 18,47
59 59 18,79
60 60 19,11
61 61 19,43