Payment in Advance

Payment in Advance

You order and transfer us the invoice amount on our account. We are waiting till your transfer arrives on our account. After that we send your order to you.

Be aware of, that an transfer (also online) takes 1-3 working days and 1 day more for our internal transaction. So if you need your items fast you should not pay via transfer!

Please note at your transfer your name and your order number. That helps us to assign your transfer to your order.

Please transfer the invoice amount under specification of your order number to our account. You’ll get our account data from transfer confirmation. After your transfer arrives you will get an complete-confirmation-email. We reserve your items for 10 days. Please transfer us the amount in this periode.


International transfer

Please notice, that at an transfer the IBAN and BIC of our bank must be given to. The transfer must have the whole invoice amount. The fees for the international transfer of your bank must be paid from you.

When you have more questions please contact your bank. The invoice amount must be in euro and goes to an euro-account. The customers bank must support SEPA.

If the called conditions can’t be suffused, we can’t execute the assignment. So please be careful, that you transfer the whole amount!