Silver-Care Set

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Silver-Cleansing Foam by Mainpunkt

Jewelry that is often worn sets deposits after a while, reducing the gloss of the jewelry. If you want to clean your silver jewelry from home, we have the right care products for effective and gentle care. Daily use adds to your treasures over time and takes up their surface. To keep your jewelry shiny, it is important to pay attention to regular cleaning and care. The jewelry does not necessarily have to be brought to the jeweler for professional cleaning.

The Mainpunkt silver foam cleaner will enable you to clean quickly and gently. It is an intensive cleaning that is specially designed for difficult geometries. The micro foam penetrates very angled silver surfaces and cavities and removes sulfides and dark deposits. It cleans, deoxidizes and maintains with a high quality brightener. This cleaner also has optimized tarnish protection. Thanks to the simple application, it cleans your jewelry in a matter of seconds.

Silver care is the removal of the black layer on the silver surface. This “tarnishing” is based on the formation of silver sulfide from the reaction of the silver with atmospheric oxygen and the trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide.

Jewelry wash for Silver pieces by Mainpunkt

Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to make your silver jewelry shine again? Then we have just the thing for you!

Those who like to wear jewelry often and after a while will find that the beloved piece of jewelry changes color and gets unsightly stains. The best way to remove the signs of wear is to clean the jewelry. Professional cleaning is also possible at home!

The Mainpunkt silver jewelry laundry cleans, deoxidizes and maintains silver and silver jewelry. Thanks to the simple application, chains, bracelets, rings etc. can be refreshed and cared for. So the beloved piece of jewelry will quickly shine again in new splendor. The Mainpunkt silver jewelry wash not only cleans, the jewelry is also provided with professional tarnish protection. The use of jewelry is very easy and is ideal for home use. So you will enjoy your silver for a long time.

Silver-Polishing cloth 15 x 16 cm by Mainpunkt

The favorite jewelry is often worn, so dirt, dust, soap and body fat are deposited on the surface. Silver jewelry can change its appearance over time. If you want to give your favorite pieces a new shine, we have a quick and easy solution!

The Mainpunkt silver polishing cloth is ideal for valuable jewelry and shiny surfaces. It is easy to use and helps you to give your favorite pieces a special shine. Especially in combination with our cleaning products, this wipe is the perfect addition.

The cloth is available in different sizes and is made of 100% cotton. A preparation of vegetable oil, natural soap and mineral clay, as well as less than 5% non-ionic surfactants and water was used for the impregnation. The cloth also contains optimized tarnish protection. The products used are only contained in small quantities and are not subject to the hazardous substance VO.

The cloth is handy and can be used ideally in between. It’s best to gently remove cosmetics and sweat from your favorite items after each use with the care cloth. Clean real silver and matted jewelry gently and bring back the noble shine of these pieces of jewelry!

The care set consists of:

Cloth size: 15 x 16cm

Silver-Cleansing Foam : 100 ml

jewelry-wash: 200 ml

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