Silver-Foam Cleaner

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Silver-Foam Cleaner by Mainpunkt

Jewelry that is often worn sets deposits after a while, reducing the gloss of the jewelry. If you want to clean your silver jewelry from home, we have the right care products for effective and gentle care. Daily use adds to your treasures over time and takes up their surface. To keep your jewelry shiny, it is important to pay attention to regular cleaning and care. The jewelry does not necessarily have to be brought to the jeweler for professional cleaning.

The Mainpunkt silver foam cleaner will enable you to clean quickly and gently. It is an intensive cleaning that is specially designed for difficult geometries. The micro foam penetrates very angled silver surfaces and cavities and removes sulfides and dark deposits. It cleans, deoxidizes and maintains with a high quality brightener. This cleaner also has optimized tarnish protection. Thanks to the simple application, it cleans your jewelry in a matter of seconds.

Silver care is the removal of the black layer on the silver surface. This “tarnishing” is based on the formation of silver sulfide from the reaction of the silver with atmospheric oxygen and the trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide.

Contents: 100 ml


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