Silver-jewelry wash

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Jewelry-wash for your silver pieces by Mainpunkt

Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to make your silver jewelry shine again? Then we have just the thing for you!

Those who like to wear jewelry often and after a while will find that the beloved piece of jewelry changes color and gets unsightly stains. The best way to remove the signs of wear is to clean the jewelry. Professional cleaning is also possible at home!

The Mainpunkt silver jewelry laundry cleans, deoxidizes and maintains silver and silver jewelry. Thanks to the simple application, chains, bracelets, rings etc. can be refreshed and cared for. So the beloved piece of jewelry will quickly shine again in new splendor. The Mainpunkt silver jewelry wash not only cleans, the jewelry is also provided with professional tarnish protection. The use of jewelry is very easy and is ideal for home use. So you will enjoy your silver for a long time.

Contents: 200 ml

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