Paying with PayPal Plus

Pay safe with Paypal Plus

What is Paypal-Plus
Paypal Plus is an authorized partner to pay your products in our shop. Paypal Plus is an safe, fast an comfortable online-paymentsystem, that we’re using for our MAINPUNKT-shop. It combines the payment-methods – Paypal Plus, debit and credit card in one conclusion. Over 16 million aktive customers are using Paypal only in Germany. Also you can py easily and safe with just your e-mail and an password.

Do I need an Paypal-account for this method? No.
You can pay without an own Paypal-account and dont have to login in Paypal by yourself. If you have an Paypal-account, you can login in to your account.

Is Paypal safe?
Neither we still Paypal are giving your data to a third person. And when your order didn’t arrives or when you’re not happy, you’re getting back your money because of buyer protection.

How does paying with Paypal Plus works?

You’re chosing in the last step oft he order, how you would like to pay.
You can choose between:

Credit card